EP08 – BIM Directors

Hello Everyone,

In this episode Marcello is joined by Jason and John to discuss BIM Directors, BIM Managers and any other BIM director type of role. Specifically, what we think they do, what they do and what we do at our firms.



3 Responses to “EP08 – BIM Directors

  • As a Revit Power User I’m wondering what it takes to make the jump from production staff to BIM Manager.
    Are there skills I should be learning aside from staying on top of Revit/Dynamo?

    • Marcello Sgambelluri
      2 years ago

      Yes Learn the entire BIM process for your office and outside your office. What is usually required for a BIM Execution Plan and how you are able to encourage others to be great at their jobs. Also meeting deadlines is very important

      • Thank you that helps
        By the way, love the podcast, keep them comeing

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