Want 3D Rooms in Revit? Use DynamoBIM

It is possible to CREATE 3D objects in Revit based on room geometry.
Why? Because Rooms in Revit are 2D elements.
Its simply. Just follow the steps below (Also summarized in the image below)

Step 1
Place these 4 nodes as shown and wire them up….
(Catergories, All Elements of Category,  Element.Geometry,  InportInstance.ByGeometries)

Step 2
Click Run

….you will see a 3D view of your Revit Rooms in Dynamo and it will create 3D Objects (as symbol imports) to your Revit Model.

And Yes, Its really that easy to view and Create 3D rooms in Dynamo and Revit. 

Don’t know Dynamo? You don’t need to, just download Dynamo and follow the steps above.
Good luck

In my next post I will show how to change the color of the 3D room geometry objects based on 2D Room parameter data in 3D.

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  • Thanks Marcello, very interesting. Unfortunately it seems those import instances aren't very useful as when you try to explode them, they just go away. I wonder if it's possible to extract the geometry information and build nodes to create a family instead, like an in-place mass and then supply a height for the extrusion? That would be a lot more useful than those imports, but it is amazingly easy to get that geometry with those 4 nodes only!

  • Hi Dave, it's not that difficult, what you are asking can be achieved using DirectShapes (available in Revit 2015), you can even set the category you want.

    here's an example of what it looks like: http://puntorevit.blogspot.ch/2015/01/model-freezing.html

    you could ask to generate the family for the room too (no matter how complicated it is).

    Hope this can help.


  • did you post how to get the 3d color to show based on 2d parameter?

  • Have you posted about how to change the color of the 3d geometry yet?

  • Hy Guys, can anyone think of a way to reverse engineer this, i'm trying to create Revit rooms from dynamo geometry. Thanks

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Is it posible to generate a 3D mass from rooms that is like a solid ?
    so kubic meters kan be messured ??

  • Hello, I got the following error

    Warning: ImportInstance.ByGeometries operation failed.
    The view is not printable.
    Parameter name: pDBView

    any idea about how to proceed?

  • Thank you for posting this…I am trying to do this in Revit 2016 and have been unsuccessful. It keeps crashing once I connect the nodes together.

  • I had the same issue as @Smitty with Revit 2016. It crashed when connecting to the ImportInstances Node.

  • Hi, I just tried it also using Revit 2015 and got the blue wheel of death also…although I am new to Dynamo. Any ideas?

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