Top Speaker Award for a Lecture Class at AU 2013

I am pleased to announce that the class that I taught at AU 2013

 “AB3340: Make Hardscape Follow Site Topography and Site Topography Follow Hardscape in Revit  

has been rated the top lecture class at AU2013!
Click here for last years AU2012 top rated class that I taught.
I want to thank everyone who has followed and supported me throughout the years. Without all your support, feedback, and collaboration this would not have been possible. 

To receive this award two years in a row makes me honored beyond words. 
If you missed the AU2013 class, you could watch it here and see what all the fuss was about
So make sure you sign up and follow my blog because I have even more exciting content to show in 2014

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  • I've been waiting all year for this….worth the wait.

  • Marcello, Congrats on getting the top honor 2 years running.
    I have been watching the video, and trying to complete the 3rd or 4th example where you are snap spline through points onto the imported DWG. For some reason, my spline points will not snap to the dwg. Do you have any clue why this would be? It keeps wanting to place all poins on the reference plane (level 1) instead. The same issue occured as i was trying to place the modifide line entourage onto the points of the imported dwg. Any help you could lend on this would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • Noah

    Send me your revit model and I will take a look

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Hi Marcello,
    Thanks for the course. Im having the same issue as the guy above. I also tried using your curved road model, isolated the dwg, but still no snap….

  • Send me your model
    My email is on the intro slide of the AU presentation

  • Thank you for the lecture.
    I really enjoyed it. But I have same issue like other people. I'm having a problem to snap on to 3d DWG file. Is there any initial set up before I export to CAD?

  • Han's something
    This is the 4th time I heard of this happening. It doesnt happen all the time. I have NOT been able to replicate this issue and the only cases I heard of the people were not willing to share their files with me.
    Could you please share with me the file that you are having trouble with and i will try to get to the bottom of this. If the project you are working on is confidential then strip the file down to where I am able to view it.
    Send me your revit file and dwg to my email
    if the file is too big then use a file exchange program such as dropbox.
    Thanks and lets get this solved!

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