Scaling Revit Families

In early 2011, I overheard someone say “you can’t do that in Revit”. It turned out that the conversation was referring to families and that they could not be scaled.

I have to admit that I had never given scaling of families much thought before because I never felt there was a need for me to scale a family.

I, however, could see the need to use a family that could be scaled, and so I decided to investigate further. Since that time I have determined that every family I tested could be scaled. This, of course is only true if the family is built with this intention in mind.

The steps to scale a family depends on a variety of factors that are unique from family to family. It is also possible to built scale into a family “after the fact” as shown in the image below. I took the Revit Cow and with no time at all made it “scalable”.

I do not intend to spell out how to make a family scalable in this blog post. I just wanted to point out the fact that it could be done in Revit on every family I tested.

Scaling the Revit Cow(s)

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